Websites, Systems & Other Techie Bits

Does your website fail to deliver new customers or leads?
Social Media a time-sink?
Client Database none existant?
Email marketing includes a cut and paste into the bcc box in outlook?

At the heart of great marketing and sales are great IT Systems. We bring IT into your business that makes your sales and marketing easier and more productive. 

We create websites that work as part of your promotional work rather than just being something you are afraid a customer might find.

Marketing Focussed Websites

Most websites don’t represent businesses very well or don’t form part of a marketing plan. You should have a goal for your website to inform, push prospects to you, support your sales process and support your after sales process. 

We create websites that look nice and perform a sales or marketing function.

We work with either our designers or your designers to build customer attracting websites.

Customer Databases/Relationship Management System

Do you have a pile of business cards lying around? Scraps of Paper with customer phone call summaries. Getting organised with a Customer Database or CRM system is much simpler than you probably think. Even better it does not need to break the bank.

We help select the right system for you. Then install it, set it up and get you started. 

Gain control of your potential customer list today.

Keep In Touch Marketing Systems

Keeping in touch with prospective customers and current clients is essential to avoid wasting your marketing efforts. Not everyone is ready to buy when you meet then. It might take months or years to get new business or a referral.

We setup email marketing systems that allow you to produce your own monthly or weekly emails to a list of email addresses. It will manage unsubscribes, subscriptions from your website. You will get reports on the effectiveness of each email sent including open rate and who has clicked on what in the email. Emails are mobile friendly.

To keep in touch via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook we have a range of tools that we can setup and train you on to help make social media a more effective part of your marketing strategy. 

Social Media Setup

Need a twitter profile, youtube channel , LinkedIn profile or Facebook page setting up. We can produce simple or customised setups on these sites for you.

Social Media Tools Setup

Social Media can be a time-sink. We help you setup IT systems and simple processes to make managing social media simple and quick. 

This include organising scheduled messages of different types and monitoring social media.

What Next?
Know you need a new website or something technical but your are not sure what? Give us a ring on 01732 5222 44 and we promise not to talk Geek to you. Always happy to discuss what you need.