Using Questionnaires To Capture Prospects

Using Questionnaires To Capture Prospects

If your inboxes is like my inbox it is stuffed full of e-mails. Most websites attempt to collect potential clients details by offering a newsletter. You’ve seen them, little boxes asking for your e-mail address and lamely offering a newsletter.

Many websites failed to give you compelling reasons to sign up. With my inbox overflowing I think hard before giving my details. Don’t you?

Why should bother? Does e-mail still work?

Building a customer database of e-mails is still a core-marketing tool. Yes twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn all have a part to play in capturing prospects details and communicating with prospects. But, e-mail when it is done correctly is much more powerful.

A questionnaire makes a great starting point to gain an email address and then to take a visitor on the journey to bring the prospect and hopefully a client to you.

People love questionnaires. This is hard to ignore. Because they pose questions and promise answers. But you have to complete the questionnaire to find out the answers.

Magazines are packed full of questionnaires for a reason. They intrigue, engage, entertain and inform.

In the context of a website, a questionnaire combined with a personalised report gives the prospective client value. This gives them experience of your knowledge and service. And moves the visitor to being a potential client.

At the same time as completing the questionnaire, it is easy to get an e-mail address and get someone to sign up to your keep in touch marketing.

When linked to a mail system like mailchimp or a customer database system you can also collect extra information about the prospect. This information can be used to break down your e-mail list by the different problems your clients face.

Knowing more about your potential clients allows you to send more targeted and relevant information to your prospects. This builds trust and respect for you and your business. People are more likely to open your e-mails, read them and respond.

By completing a questionnaire and reading your report, both sides have got to know each other a little bit more. With a little effort you have managed to move a visitor you would otherwise lose to the first rung of your sales ladder.

What Next?
Take a look at the Expert Gap Questionnaire as an example of this practice. As part of our Lift Off Program we work with our clients to create intelligent marketing materials.

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