Our Services

You know your products and services inside and out.

But your business is not delivering
the income you want and deserve
then you should consider one of our programs.

The Lift Off Program – Over several months we work with you to understand how marketing and sales works. Deliver more ideal customers who pay well and on time to your business. This is a partnership program where we work together to develop a customised step-by-step plan to generate and keep generating new business for you. Read more.

The Launch Program – This is the initial part of the Lift Off Program accelerated to a 4 to 6 week period. The Launch Program is ideal for those who need quick results and have the time to dedicate to building their business quickly.  Read more.

The Big Plan Day – If you feel you spend too much time working in your business and not enough managing. Your business seems to be in control of you rather than the other way round. Take control of your business and its direction by taking part in a Big Plan Day. Over the course of a single focussed day we help you gain more clarity about your business direction. Work on how to improve your business in a broader sense than just marketing and promotion. The key result of the Big Plan Day is a 6 or 12 month plan with action steps. Read more.

Marketing-Focussed Websites and other techie bits -At the heart of great marketing and sales are great IT Systems. We bring IT into your business that makes your sales and marketing easier and more productive. From Websites that focus on marketing your business to keep in touch marketing and setting up and using social media. We have IT covered. Read more.