Lift Off Program

Attention: Consultants, Experts and Independent Business Professionals

Do you struggle to get new customers?

Do you really know your subject BUT your earnings are too low?

Is your business not growing fast enough or at all?

If any of these statements are true then read on…


Most experts, consultants and independent business professionals know they can deliver a quality service. They start out in business with a list of contacts from previous jobs, make some calls and their business starts to flourish.

Over the next year, they start to get some referrals and the business seems to be going places.

But over time the new work starts to dry up. They find themselves accepting jobs just for the money. Jobs that they really don’t want, don’t enjoy or are not stretching their skills and abilities.

Their strategy for getting new business is centred on doing a good job and praying for referrals. The Business seems to be in control of them rather than the other way round.

Realising they have a problem, they set out to find solutions. Have a new website designed, create a free report, start using twitter, buy a database of names …

Instead of solutions they get more problems.

Their website designer understands design but not marketing. So they have a website that looks nice but does nothing for them. Nobody downloads their free report. They find Twitter is just a time-sink and doesn’t generate any business. They e-mail to their costly list of bought in names and barely 1% of the people open the email and nothing much happens as a result.

Somehow they feel they are missing something and the real problems haven’t gone away.

Maybe this sounds familiar or you have similar problems but arrived there by a different route. Whichever way you got there you still face the same problems.

The Key Problems You Are Facing

Not enough prospects/customers  – You do not have enough new prospects to convert to customers or you can’t convert prospects to customers fast enough.

Your income does not match your skills and ability – For some reason you can’t get paid enough for what you do.

Fruitlessly trying tactics without a strategy – There are lots of good ideas for getting new business but they are not part of a bigger plan with a direction and purpose.

It could be very different.

With a better understanding of how the game of marketing really works, and with the correct advice, coaching and systems you could be in charge of a different significantly more successful business.

Imagine being able to increase your income when you want to and to be able charge a rate to match your expertise.

Imagine running a business that you are in complete control of. Where you have a steady stream of prospects allowing you to decide who becomes a client and the type of work you do for them.

Remember, you created your business to use the skills and expertise you have. You make a difference to your client and enjoy it. Imagine if finding the ideal clients was easier and not too time consuming. Growing your business becomes very profitable, achievable and repeatable.


The Lift Off Program™

The Lift Off Program was created as a partnership program that runs over six months. It helps coaches, consultants and experts to develop ways to gain more prospects and convert prospects into customers effectively.

“It is rare to find a combination of Marketing, Business and IT knowledge in one advisor. This give Rob a unique ability to help me grow my business to the level I dream of and more.”

Frankie Simmonds – IdeasInc

Using the skills, knowledge and expertise you already have, we help you:

  • Understand how to market to your ideal client
  • Use an easy to follow step-by-step client acquisition system.

The program uses a mix of:

  • Teaching, coaching
  • IT support and implementation combined with solid planning
  • Goal setting
  • And accountability to deliver the results you want.

Rather than just teaching you how to do it, we guide and support you as well as sorting out the technical bits. Our aim is to create an environment where you can succeed.

What makes this program different?

We do everything to make sure you succeed in growing and building your business. But that is not enough. Our aim is to:

  • Transfer the knowledge
  • Support you in becoming proficient in using it
  • And sustain your knowledge

We make sure you have a personalised system that works without constant help from us and that you can grow still further at the end of the program.

We teach you want you need to know. Build a system customised for you. We support you over the six months to make sure you really get it. We set up the IT systems you need to make getting new customers as time efficient as possible, so you have time to actually deliver your service.

Finally we make the results very visible on a month-by-month basis. So you can quickly see rewards for your effort and investment, as well as knowing where to target more time to get the best results.

At the end of the program, you will have a stronger, more profitable business.

What are the Main Benefits of the Lift Off Program™?

  1. We work with you to create a customised system to make gaining new customers simpler, less time consuming and effective. We do it in a way that uses your expertise to make it a rewarding, fun experience as well as a profitable one.

    Without customers you have no business. When you have completed the Lift Off Program you will be in control of the lifeblood of your company.

  2. We provide a complete solution combining teaching, coaching, support and technology in an easy to follow step-by-step system. We give you knowledge of what to do and why you are doing it. We help you to do each step and give you support when you need it.
  3. To make everything as easy and time efficient as possible, we supply the technical systems you need. These include a system for keeping track of your prospects and a system to show the key numbers you need to monitor to know how you are doing.

How does the Lift Off Program™ work?

The lift off program is customised to you and your business using step-by-step processes and blueprints. It takes place over a six-month period with more intensive coaching and help in the first three months.

Before We Start

Before we start working together we conduct a Business Growth Strategy Session. This allows us to check that the program will work for you and to customise the following stages. We learn more about you, your business, your goals for the future and the challenges you are currently having. We explain the Lift Off Program in more detail and make sure you know what to expect and what is expected of you.

The First Month

The first month will involve around ten hours of coaching and support. During this foundation month we give you the bigger picture of how to use your expertise to market your business and look at any gaps you have in your current marketing toolkit.

Together we will look at your ideal customer and create a customised plan for getting the attention of prospects and converting them into customers. This is a plan for the next 5-6 months and beyond.

We start the creation of any missing marketing material and review how you present your products and services.

By the end of the first month we have the foundations to promote your business and a plan to start gaining new prospects from month two onwards.

Months Two to Four

During these months you will have four to six hours of coaching per month as well as ad-hoc support calls and emails.

Typically we will re-work an existing website or create a new one with a better focus on finding prospects and converting them into customers. Along side this we will be creating a customised client acquisition system.

For experts, coaches and consultants, a personal brand is very important. We work on creating a strong personal brand to help people know, like and trust you enough to buy from you. This will strongly influence any marketing material such as reports, whitepapers and websites that you need.

Normally, around month two we will be creating a customer qualification process or initial consultancy session. This is followed up by follow-up systems to make sure you don’t lose potential clients by forgetting about them. The follow-up systems allow you to keep in touch with a large number of prospects and spot the ones that need more personal attention.

During Month Three we create a digital dashboard that will show the numbers of people at different stages of the marketing/sales process as well as showing the numbers of new prospects, clients and the sales value.

Part of the Digital Dashboard

During Month Four we will create a plan for working with potential promotional partners and help you to implement this.

Months Five to Six

Months Five and Six are usually practicing and refining the processes. Doing more of the activities from the previous months to gain more prospects and customers.

By the end of the six months we will also make you Social Media Savvy using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to correctly add prospects to your sales system.

The final session is focussed on making sure you have plans for the next six months and have everything working smoothly. 

Is this program right for you?

If most of the following statements are true then the Lift Off Program™ is for you.

  • You are an independent business professional, consultant or expert in your field.
  • You don’t have enough quality prospects or are not converting enough of your prospects into clients fast enough.
  • You are passionate about helping your clients and deliver real results for them.
  • You are willing to work with us in a partnership to get results
  • You are willing to learn new skills and take charge of gaining customers rather than leave it to luck.
  • You are comfortable with technology, especially when it is explained to you and set up properly for you.


What is the next step?

If you have read this far and think you might be interested in the Lift Off Program I would like to invite you to have a complimentary Business Growth Strategy Session with me. This is a no obligation way to discover more about the program and see if it is really right for you.

In this session we will explore your individual and unique situation, the results you would like to have for your business, how you are finding prospects and gaining customers at the moment. This will allow us both to work out if the program will help you or not. Whatever the outcome you will leave the conversation with more clarity about your business and enthusiasm for what’s possible.

Your Next Step
The conversation will take about an hour and can be done in person, by phone or Skype. To arrange a complimentary Business Growth Strategy Session simply complete the online form and I will contact you within one business day.