How we work?

What’s it like to work with us?

To give you a sense of what it is like working with us, let look at what we achieve, our beliefs,  approach. Then discover what makes us different. 

What you can expect as a result of working with us.

When you work with us, we start by looking at the big picture and explaining how sales and marketing should work for you. You will get to understand where the different tactics fit it to the process of taking a stranger to a customer.

Together we will create a customised system to find and nurture prospects into becoming clients for you and then referring new business to you.

You can expect to better understand your business and know which clients you should be working with and those that you should pass on.

We make use of your expertise and skills as part of moving prospects to fully paid clients. So you will enjoy the process, do more and gain more clients.

We will help you work consistently at promoting your business to avoid peaks and troughs in income.

You will get to use IT systems that are easy to use and help reduce the time you need to spend promoting your business. So you still have time to deliver the end product or service to your clients.

Together we will create or re-work your promotional and marketing material to attract the right clients, explain your business better and give you the confidence to push your business to the next level.

It all starts with our beliefs and values

You are a Business Owner – You run a business to make a profit. It is not sufficient just to deliver a product or service, you have to take control of running your business. It is important to broaden your knowledge into other areas such as finance, business planning etc. One Key area is gaining an understanding of the basics of Marketing and Sales into order to grow your business.

Make a difference for clients – We care about our clients and want to deliver the best we can to help them succeed. This attitude shows through in everything you do. We work best with businesses that have the same attitude. Yes money is important but not at all costs.

Never Stop Learning – If you stop growing you are not stationary you are going backwards. Being the best you can means you have to keep learning. Otherwise you just become the old dog without any new tricks. 

You can have the business you deserve – Business isn’t easy. You have good times and bad times but if you are prepared to put the effort in then anyone can build a successful business.

Work can be Fun – You have to do this day in day out. If work isn’t fun some of the time you will not do your best. Then you, your clients and your income suffer.

Our Approach

Our Program creates an environment for you to succeed in. By mixing coaching, learning, IT support and systems with a step-by-step system we provide a framework for you to add to. This gives you the best chances of success.

Every business is unique. Our system is highly customisable to present your vision of your business and not ours.

We work with you as a partnership to improve your marketing and increase the quality and quantity of prospects coming into your business. We promise to treat you as an equal and expect the same back. We succeed by helping you succeed.

It is important that everyone is accountable. To get your business to grow it is important to have targets and an action plan. Being accountable for doing what you said you would do is key to making our system work.

We don’t want you to need us forever. We help you develop the skills, systems, processes and marketing material to grow your business. Our aim is to give you the ability to carry on growing your business after the program has finished.

What makes us different?

Finding more prospects and converting them into customers needs several different skill sets: Marketing, Sales, IT development, Presentation Skills, Business Acumen, Ability to write for business, and so on.  Over more than 20 years of my business life I having been a board level director, business owner, IT director and spent a large amount of time marketing and selling my expertise to others. This has given me a much broader view on driving business growth than a lot of business growth consultants.

We offer a “done with you” service rather than a “done for you” service. As a business owner if you don’t own the process of gaining new customers you don’t own a business. If you get someone to work out your marketing messages you will have little or no confidence in using them or any material based on them. It is your business not anyone else’s.

We use a mix of coaching, learning, IT Support and implementation to build a step-by-step system that you own and can follow to increase the number of customers you have. This mixed approach gives you the very best chances of success.

Next Step

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us, our approach and philosophy of working with clients, next go to the Our Services page to learn about our programmes.