Expert Gap Report – Gap 3 Included in Report Page

Expert Gap 3 – The Free Time Gap 

Someone in this gap finds that working time squeezes out free time, time for themselves and their family.

There are times when this just has to happen. At some stages of business you can’t avoid having to work all waking hours. The problem is that sometimes they can get stuck with too much work and not enough play.

For some people this is a case of making adjustments and just being aware of the problem. For others they feel they are indispensable and have to be there all the time. 

In the worst case they start to hate what they do, feeling they have created a job rather than a business.

Symptoms for this are:

  • Not having enough time off
  • Being unable to generate an income without putting in the hours
  • Being unable to increase income without working more
  • Feeling like you have a job rather than a business.