Expert Gap Report – Gap 2 Included in Report Page

Expert Gap 2 – Stuck in the Middle

Someone in this Expert Gap knows more about how to promote their business. They  have a good list of potential customers and a system to move them towards being a customer.

BUT they are stuck in this middle section. 

It seems to take too much time to gain a client. They long to be delivering their service to a client. The effort of gaining customers just seems to take up more than its fair share of their time.

The symptoms of this are:

  • Too much time and effort in finding and converting prospects to clients
  • Reluctance to finding more potential clients 
  • Dislike of following up with potential clients
  • Poor following up with potential clients
  • Finding customers is competing with delivery of your service
  • Efforts to find customers cycle – you do some, you stop for weeks, you start again, you stop and so on.