Your Personalised Expert Gap Report

Have you fallen down the Expert Gap?

As a consultant, expert or coach you have a high level of knowledge and skills. You are able to talk about your subject for hours. You are able to deliver a quality service that delivers results to your clients. BUT there are THREE EXPERT GAPS that you can fall down into easily. 

Each of these expert gaps can have a major effect on your business growth and your ability to gain an income from your knowledge and skills.

Lets take each of these gaps in turn.

Expert Gap 1 – The Knowledge Gap



The simple version of this expert gap is the lack the knowledge of how to promote and market a business.

Someone in this Expert Gap would be frequently talking to potential clients and is good at it. They know how to deliver a quality service. BUT lack the knowledge of how to move potential clients into actual paying customers at all or fast enough. They may also struggle to find potential clients or clients they really want to work with.

The symptoms of falling into this gap are:

  • Lots of contact details on bits of paper or disorganised. 
  • A drawer full of business cards that have never been contacted.
  • Irregular or no contact with potential clients after a first meeting
  • Irregular or no contact with customers once you have completed work for them
  • Saying Yes to jobs that you don’t really want just for the money
  • Trying to talk prospects into customers
  • The whole process of finding customers seems to be getting harder over time

Your Results

This Expert Gap does seem an issue for you. The symptoms above should be very familar to you.

Feedback on your answers:

  • Not having a system to keep track of prospects is a key issue. It is almost impossible to effectively manage finding new customers without a system of some sorts.
  • Not making regular contact with prospects is losing you business.
  • Never contacting past or current customers is a missed opportunity. Maybe you are missing something to sell them or have forgotten that customers refer other customers. Referrals happen only if they remember you.

Expert Gap 2 – Stuck in the Middle

Someone in this Expert Gap knows more about how to promote their business. They  have a good list of potential customers and a system to move them towards being a customer.

BUT they are stuck in this middle section. 

It seems to take too much time to gain a client. They long to be delivering their service to a client. The effort of gaining customers just seems to take up more than its fair share of their time.

The symptoms of this are:

  • Too much time and effort in finding and converting prospects to clients
  • Reluctance to finding more potential clients 
  • Dislike of following up with potential clients
  • Poor following up with potential clients
  • Finding customers is competing with delivery of your service
  • Efforts to find customers cycle – you do some, you stop for weeks, you start again, you stop and so on.

Your Results

You seem to have at least one major issue with converting prospects into customers

Feedback on your answers:

  • You rated your ability to gain new prospects as poor. Hopefully this is something you will look to improve.
  • You are rated your ability to convert prospects into customers as poor. This is a key skill you need to learn.
  • Without a good follow-up method after meeting potential clients you are losing business. In all marketing that you do you need to have a next step for the prospect and a reason to contact the person again.
  • You have no real confidence in following up with a new prospect in the days after meeting them. This suggests you probably don't have a plan or are lacking good marketing materials to help you.
  • You said you hardly or infrequently spend more than 30 minutes of time trying to gain new prospects. If you do not have enough customers this is probably why. You need to gain more understanding of the marketing game and how to play it.
  • You do not feel your website represents your business very well. This is probably an indicator of a lack of knowledge or a lack of interest in promoting your business. It could also mean that your website isn't delivering any business benefit to you so you have neglected it.

Expert Gap 3 – The Free Time Gap 

Someone in this gap finds that working time squeezes out free time, time for themselves and their family.

There are times when this just has to happen. At some stages of business you can’t avoid having to work all waking hours. The problem is that sometimes they can get stuck with too much work and not enough play.

For some people this is a case of making adjustments and just being aware of the problem. For others they feel they are indispensable and have to be there all the time. 

In the worst case they start to hate what they do, feeling they have created a job rather than a business.

Symptoms for this are:

  • Not having enough time off
  • Being unable to generate an income without putting in the hours
  • Being unable to increase income without working more
  • Feeling like you have a job rather than a business.

Your Results

The Free Time Gap seems to be an issue for you.

Feedback on your answers:

  • You feel your working day is squeezing your free/family time. You should think about the causes of this and how you might change things.
  • You feel you can't increase your income without increasing your pricing. It is worth think about why this is the case. Are you trading time for money? Could you create an upsell for your clients to increase the amount they spend with you. Can you refer another business to your clients and gain a commission?

What Next?

We hope you have found the Expert Gap Questionnaire useful, interesting and thought provoking. 

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