Expert Gap Report – Gap 1 and Intro Included in Report Page

Have you fallen down the Expert Gap?

As a consultant, expert or coach you have a high level of knowledge and skills. You are able to talk about your subject for hours. You are able to deliver a quality service that delivers results to your clients. BUT there are THREE EXPERT GAPS that you can fall down into easily. 

Each of these expert gaps can have a major effect on your business growth and your ability to gain an income from your knowledge and skills.

Lets take each of these gaps in turn.

Expert Gap 1 – The Knowledge Gap



The simple version of this expert gap is the lack the knowledge of how to promote and market a business.

Someone in this Expert Gap would be frequently talking to potential clients and is good at it. They know how to deliver a quality service. BUT lack the knowledge of how to move potential clients into actual paying customers at all or fast enough. They may also struggle to find potential clients or clients they really want to work with.

The symptoms of falling into this gap are:

  • Lots of contact details on bits of paper or disorganised. 
  • A drawer full of business cards that have never been contacted.
  • Irregular or no contact with potential clients after a first meeting
  • Irregular or no contact with customers once you have completed work for them
  • Saying Yes to jobs that you don’t really want just for the money
  • Trying to talk prospects into customers
  • The whole process of finding customers seems to be getting harder over time