The Dirty Little Secret of Networking

The Dirty Little Secret of Networking

There is a dirty little secret of networking that most of us suffer from. You probably have it. I know I did for a long time. More on the secret in a minute…

Typical Networking

When you go to a typical networking meeting, it normally goes something like this. You meet a bunch of people. You go through the dance of asking what they do. You talk. You listen. You get interested in what somebody has to say.

At the end of a short conversation, you swap business cards. Promise to call each other and to e-mail useful information the next day.

However, two weeks later and there has been no phone call or e-mail from the business you are really interested in.

Back to the dirty little secret.

It’s that pile of business cards in a drawer. It’s the list of attendees gathering dust in a file – never used.

We all have such good intent. But why don’t we follow up properly?

It might be the lack of system for following up with prospects. Maybe you feel following up is too time-consuming. Possibly earning money now is more important than potential money in the future.

Imagine instead that you have great follow-up material to give to your prospects, along with a way to keep in regular touch with the people you meet.

Let’s go networking again.

This time you promised to send some relevant material to a potential client. When the prospect returns home there is already a personalised e-mail waiting with the information you promised.

Two days later they get an e-mail making sure they got the information.

In another three days, if they haven’t rung you, they get a phone call from you.

A couple of weeks later they get their first copy of your monthly newsletter packed with useful information but still quick to read.

That seems a lot of work but here’s what happened behind-the-scenes.

In the car park before going home, you used your phone to fill out a form on your website. You added some personalised details. Ticked some boxes for the information you wanted to send to them.

Then you did nothing until an e-mail reminded you to call the prospect a few weeks later.

If it were that easy to follow up from networking events, would you do it every time? Can you shake off the dirty little secret of networking?

What Next?
Setting up follow-up systems is just one aspect of our Lift Off Program. The program designed to help you gain more ideal customers who pay on time and value your business. Find out more about our lift of program and how it can help you.

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