Digital Dashboards For All

In 2000 Bill Gates publish ‘Business @ the Speed of Thought’. One thing that really fired me up was the thought of a digital dashboard showing all the key metrics of a business. I imagined giving different dashboards with graphs and dials to the operations director, the ceo, the medical director and other team members.

The ideal behind the dashboards was to make key business metric from IT systems – highly visible in graphical form. While nothing new in other engineering disciplines and production facilities, IT systems seemed to favour long winded reports and the odd chart produced at the end of a period. Losing the ability to monitor and give feedback or to raise alarms if something is seriously wrong. Imagine  a nuclear power plant running without lots of dials and gauges.

For me in 2000, the excitement left me and the idea withered due to more pressing matters and disappeared into the “not as easy as it should be” pile.

With the help of Metricly, digital dashboards have moved firmly back   into the “no excuse” pile.

Metricly allows you to create dashboards from a whole range of sources and combine them. In the free version you can use data from Google Analytics, e-mail software, twitter, support desk systems and many more. If you have a small budget to add, one of the paid versions allows you to link internal data into the dashboards.

The standard dashboards allow give you helpful prompts to solve issue you may see on the charts and graphs.

The set-up was smooth and pain-free for me. My main data source being Google Analytics. It is so nice to be able to bring all the charts I want into one web page rather than having to click around several pages.

The free version is worth a try. It will be interesting to follow how this product develops.

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