Big Plan Day

Do you feel your business is in control of you and not the other way round? Are you working in your business so much that you never stop to look at the bigger picture?

It is very common for business owners to be so busy delivering their products and services to customers that they don’t have time to work on improving their business.

You may have a business that feels more like a job. Plus it doesn’t deliver the income you deserve or is a constant struggle.

Have you thought about where you want the business to be next year, five years time or when you retire?

Taking the time to put on a managing director’s hat on is essential.

However it can be uncomfortably or leave you feeling demotivate or not in control. What is important? What would make a difference? What do you need to explore?

Our Big Plan Day is a full day working with you as a business owner and managing director of your business. During the day we will 

  • Clarify why you are in business? What is it all for?
  • Look at what you do? For who? How you do what you do?
  • What can be improved or eliminated?
  • What effect do less than ideal customers have on your business and on your better customers?
  • Work out the income levels you need, deserve and aim for.
  • Plan to build your income levels to the amount you deserve.
  • Find huddles and roadblocks that are stopping you or holding you back. Then work on removing them.
  • Work on anything else that putting a managing director’s hat on helps you discover.

The aim of the day is to deliver a new sense of direction and purpose, clear yearly goals, 3-month milestones and structure to drive your growth forward month by month.

Without a direction and road map you will end up busy and lost.

The Big Plan Day is often run before our clients move on to learning how to promote their business better with either the Lift Off or Launch Programs.

What Next?

Before signing up for the big day plan we find it works best if we have a complementary 30-40 minute strategy session. In this session we will look at one aspect of your business that concerns you and start the process of looking at the challenges your are currently facing. This gives you an experience of what we deliver. We will then explain the Big Plan Day and our other programs. This will allow us both to understand each other, if we can work with each other and if our programs are right for you.

To book a complimentary strategy session visit