About Rob

Who is Rob Wilson?

Rob works with coaches, experts and consultants using his skills in Business management, IT and marketing for independent professionals to boost their businesses.

To get to know Rob better please find below the questions and answers from a recent interview.

How did you get started helping experts market their business?

My initial career was in IT development in the Health and Fitness market, where I ran development teams creating award-winning software for large corporate clients. Very early in my career I became a board level director and started to develop my business management knowledge along side the IT systems and development side. 

As the Internet started to become an obvious business tool I started to venture into online marketing. The more I studied marketing in general the more frustrated I became with the marketing people around me. In the end this frustration caused me to “put my money where my mouth is” and start my own business.

In 2005 I started a website design company at a time when businesses we creating brochure websites. Our aim was to bring websites into the business as a key resource, a sales tool or a product in its own right.

Using a mix of IT, marketing and business skills we created successful promotional websites and lead generation systems.

However over the course of 2011 it became obvious that Website design has become similar to running an accountancy practice– They have an accountant and think they don’t need a new one.

I then decided to apply the skills and experience I had to my own business. By re-packaging myself to provide a more niche service for coaches, experts and consultants. 

What interests, even fascinates you about your field?

The best thing is that I can be my own client. This has two advantages. First I experienced the frustrations and challenges that my clients have. Secondly anything I learn can be tested for success on myself before I recommend it to my clients.

When I first started to understand how the game of marketing is played for experts and consultants a light went on. All the tactics and systems I had been trying to use or create made sense as part of a bigger plan.

There is nothing to match knowing you can find clients when you need them. Better still that you can turn away business if you don’t think you can work with the client.

What are some of your proudest achievements as a professional?

At the time I don’t really notice what I have achieved. The best thing for my self-confidence was the process of asking for testimonials for new brochures, my website, etc. It is amazing how people value something that is easy to you but makes a real difference to them.

What are some big things you’ve accomplished for clients.

Being given the chance to work with a large blue chip paper company on internal sales promotions has been both a personal highlight and a big result for the company.

The work resulted in a 10% increase in sales with the distributors we targeted during the promotional month. An additional 10% increase during the following month with the increase holding six months later.  This increased the sales by several million and gave several soft benefits like better relationships between the company and the distributer.

What’s your working philosophy and approach to working with clients?

I work in partnership with my clients. My team and I bringing a mix of coaching, teaching, systems, processes, IT systems and IT implementation. While my clients provide their expertise and knowledge of their business. Together we create a customised step-by-step process to gain more prospects and convert more prospects into customers.

As an expert, coach or consultants, I believe the business owner needs to know how to promote and explain their business. Understanding marketing and sales is paramount and leads to a deep understanding of why people are in business.

I care about my clients and work with clients who feel the same about their clients. We all get paid to deliver results but doing so with honesty and integrity is paramount. 

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