Independent Business Professionals 

Do you struggle to find enough ideal customers?

We work primarily with independent business professionals who are delivering their expertise to clients and need more customers to make their business grow.

If you’re like most consultants, experts or professionals, you can deliver great results to customers but finding new prospects is hard. Turning prospects into customers is even harder.

We help our customers create a step-by-step system to find prospects and convert them into customers. Making their income more dependable and increasing their profitability.

After working with us, typically get at least four times the money spent with us back. Results have included our customers see a marked improvement in the number of customers they have. They are able to be more choosey about who they work with. They get access to bigger companies than they had before. They are able to charge more for their products and services.

Rob Wilson and his team have worked with businesses and independent professional since 2005 to increase their customers, profitability and performance. We’ve worked with companies  like Dove Spa & Kimberly Clark and more than 100 independent businesses. We have a solid record of success based on a proven marketing system. It can work for you as well.

Please browse this web site for detailed information on how your business can attract more prospects and customers. When you know more about us, find out if you have fallen into a common trap for experts, consultants and independent business professional by taking our Expert Gap Questionnaire. The Questionnaire gives you a personalised report which highlights key issues that might be stopping you winning the customers you deserve.

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